Base25 takes care of your skin with scientific endorsement.

¿Why you shoud be using pharmacy sports vaseline?

Are you worried about rubs, blisters and irritation of your skin during sport? Do you have atopic or sensitive skin? If you are concerned about this, you need a pharmacy sports vaseline.

Why? Because Base25 is a sports vaseline for all kind of skins thanks to its pure composition with non-preservatives.

It’s made for the most strict athletes who needs total skin care in any conditions, even underwater.

Dermatological tolerability

Our pharmacy sports vaseline is specially recommended for sensitive skins.

Strict composition

Pharmacy sports vaseline composition is more strict than others. Its pure formula have a lot of benefits for your skin.

Health guarantee

Pharmacy products must have its realibility proved by scientific studies.

Pharmaceutical advice

You will be atennded by an expert who is going to give you adittional information and will show you how to use it.

Interesting stuff

How much vaseline is going to be needed by an athlete in a year? Base25 offers a great value for money with its long durance protection in practice and competition.
gr application
vaseline gr in a year

How to use

  • 1. Take a little amount with your hand.
    The recommended quantity is like the size of a bottle cap. We do not advice to use too much vaseline at once but bit by bit.

  • 2. Spread the vaseline in a clean and dry zone.
    To get the best of our vaseline it must be used in a clean and dry zones (armpid, neck, inner part of a the thight, between fingers, feet plant…).

  • 3. Do a gentle massage on the skin.
    Make soflty movements on the zone you want to protect until you get all the area covered.

  • 4.Choose the right sportswear.
    To be more protected, choose a high quality sportswear. At the same time you will feel confident and more comfortable.