Follow the Mallorca312 and win a prize for the best photo with the hashtag #bestsupporter312

Follow the Mallorca312 and win a prize for the best photo with the hashtag #bestsupporter312

There are 18 days left to the #Mallorca312 and we know you’re all ready to cross the finishing line and hug your favourite #supporters. Base25 wants to reward those who never let you down, who urge you on when you’re tired, who hug you with joy and wipe away your tears. Your #bestsupporter312 deserves a GIANT prize, and here we are! Prize for the best photo hashtag #bestsupporter312 on Instagram.

Who can enter?
All friends and supporters of the Mallorca312 race.

How do you share the photos?
All photos labelled with the hashtag #bestsupporter312 on Instagram can enter for the prize.

What are the prizes?
There’s one winner of the competition, who’ll take away this fantastic selection of Bioderma products worth €300 + a limited edition Base25 sports vaseline + an official Mallorca312 shirt.

There’ll be 10 #bestsupporter312 finalist photos who’ll get an official Mallorca312 shirt.

The prizes are co-sponsored by the other supporter of Mallorca312, Farmacia25.

How are the winners chosen?
There’ll be two rounds of voting: the first by the Base25 team, who’ll look for originality and excitement in the photo. The finalists will be chosen together with the organisers of Mallorca312.

What are the deadlines?
– The photos can be taken between 27th and 29th April.
– Voting and notification of the winners will be between 1st and 5th May.

You can look at the legal rules here (in Spanish).

Good luck to everybody!

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